Behavioral addiction treatment
Behavioral addiction, also known as process addiction, is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding non-substance-related behavior despite any negative consequences to the individual's physical, mental, social or financial well-being. Common examples of behavioral addictions include gambling, sex, food, internet, video games, and shopping addictions. The behavior stimulates the reward system in the brain, leading to feelings of pleasure or relief. Over time, the individual may need to engage in the behavior more frequently or intensely to achieve the same effect, a pattern that is similar to what happens with substance addiction. Behavioral addictions can have severe consequences, affecting various aspects of an individual's life. They can lead to financial difficulties, relationship problems, mental health issues like depression or anxiety, and physical health problems, depending on the type of behavior. Furthermore, people with behavioral addictions are at a higher risk of also developing substance addictions and vice versa. This is because both types of addictions share similar underlying causes and effects on the brain's reward system.
Our Process

Studio City Recovery understands the complexities of behavioral addictions and offers targeted treatment programs designed to address the specific challenges associated with these disorders. Our multidisciplinary team uses a holistic approach to treatment, considering all aspects of the individual's life in creating a personalized recovery plan.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a cornerstone of the treatment for behavioral addictions at Studio City Recovery. This evidence-based approach helps individuals recognize and change the thought patterns that lead to harmful behaviors. Through CBT, individuals learn healthier ways of coping with stress, managing their emotions, and dealing with the triggers that lead to their addictive behaviors.

In addition to individual therapy, we also offer group therapy sessions where clients can learn from others who are facing similar challenges, receive support, and develop healthier interpersonal skills. Family therapy is also offered as part of their comprehensive approach, understanding the importance of involving loved ones in the recovery process.

Our Goal
The journey to recovery from behavioral addiction can be challenging, but with the right support and treatment, individuals can regain control of their lives. At Studio City Recovery, we are committed to providing compassionate, personalized care to help our clients navigate their unique path to recovery.
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